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30 day reflective teaching challenge

Day 10

5 random facts about myself
Left handed
Worst teacher in existence at noticing uniform infringements
I often mix up numbers/letters (the words and their meaning)
I can’t draw
I can’t sing and will mime singing the school song to avoid embarrassment

4 things from my bucket list
Visit Japan
Do Tongariro crossing
Be in charge of something at school - subject, club, team, etc
Run 10k without slowing to a walk

3 things I hope for this year as an educator
Kamar won’t crash or glitch
My students to get into their class choices for 2015 - meet all Science pre-requisites
All teachers I’m helping to complete their e-portfolios by december

2 things that have made me laugh or cry as an educator
Student stories and their completely off the wall thoughts make me laugh daily
The last thing that made me cry was a year 12 student who worked so hard and studied so much, she attended tutorials and did every extra to aim for Excellence on assessment. In the assessment she freaked out and mixed up questions and got Not Achieved, we were both very upset (happy tears followed when she got Excellence in the resit)

1 thing I wish more people knew about me
My varied range of hobbies (reading, archery, anime, sci-fi/fantasy, exercise, video and board gaming)

30 day reflective teaching challenge

Day 9
One of my biggest accomplishments in teaching

Mine would have to be the progress I’ve made in developing, leading and teaching others to use e-learning in a variety of ways in the classroom, using BYOD in my classes and developing a range of tools and skills. Also becoming the go to department expert in e-portfolios and using new tools

30 day reflective teaching challenge
Day 8 
What is in your desk draw and what can you infer from its contents?

My desk and drawer are shown, I’m am thoroughly organised and tidy and focused on being tidy and knowing where everything is, this shows through i have advanced (though ever changing) planning use a well organised calendar to keep planning tidy and thorough

I keep my area tidy I’ve always believed a cluttered desk/area can clutter a mind and my organisations helps me focus on work

30 day reflective teaching challenge

Day 7
Who was or is your inspirational colleague and why?

Lisa my former associate teacher from when i was a student teacher is still my inspiration as a teacher, she is an excellent Science and Chemistry teacher, she has taught me a lot about practical work, curriculum knowledge and inspires me to do more as a chemistry teacher myself

30 day reflective teaching challenge
Day 5
Post a picture of your classroom - describe what you see and what you don’t see that you’d like to:
I see a lot of work through the year fro changing the seating to more creative work being displayed, i see an area set for learning and productivity. What i would like to see is more tutor group and pastoral work and an area for general school information that isn’t there yet

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