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/Grump - Reflection 17/6/14

Today numbers are returning to normal though 10H1 is still small.

My day ran smoothly with 3 groups of students from 9CC even coming in at lunchtime to do extra work on their projects

However, there are frustrations with 9XA as I explained to them at the end of class

My gripes:

  • not tidying up after themselves, not respecting equipment and class environment

  • not respecting each other right to learn by distracting disruptive and unruly loud behaviour

  • not respecting their teacher by interrupting


I explained the impacts to them and their learning.

  • misuse your learning time - fall behind, not learn, therefore, not  passing assessments and missing opportunities

  • as a class missing opportunities for class and group discussion as unable to manage own behaviour

  • misusing equipment leads to not being able to use it. Need to keep the trust.

What I am doing to minimise this

  • Reinforce settled start to class - line up, equipment out, do first up task.

  • remind class and talk to individuals, groups and class when they need to monitor themselves


Regrettably, i also am taking out the project time in class as 2 classes in a row (with mini chats and warnings) they are not using the time. They will get opportunities to ask over Edmodo or work at lunchtime. It is not structured enough for where the class is at the moment.

I can review it to put back in after a week I think.

Reflection 16/6/14

The biggest thing on my mind during the day apart from immediate needs are illness. My own cold went from getting better to now getting worse again as I am struggling to shake a cold and sniffles, which is probably putting me on edge and fraying my nerves and cool a bit. 
Classes have been upset and ruffled by the measles outbreak, Friday was messy as every student had to have their immunisation status checked and attendance for the day i heard was around 40% with students out under quarantine or being sent home to bring proof of immunisation and all sports and cultural teams being put on hold until the spread has stopped. 
My year 11 class was the most affected on friday, period 5 we had 7/31. So we did a class of revision, I put up exam questions and students used the whiteboards to co-operatively 
answer them without notes in as much detail as possible. This was a very productive and enjoyable hour. 
Today my year 10 class was effected with having 11/29, we continued with electricity and each student made their circuits individually, they each got the equipment and got a chance to put everything together with no other help unless they went and asked. 
I’m working to keep classes in normal routine, settled and making the most of the situation we have. 
Over the next couple of days more students will be coming back to classes as their immunities are checked and proof is provided to the school. 

10 Ways To Survive Report Writing - Real Schools

Interesting as it is the time of year when I am furiously writing reports around marking and moderating internal results and still trying to make classes as engaging and interesting as possible.

Avoiding a comment bank and being too general.

My format is usually:

Feedback comment. Feedfoward comment.

And its always to do with their learning and achievement especially with their feedfoward comment being on what they can do to raise or maintain their achievement and learning in Science.

Living world project

New project started with year 9’s they are growing plants and investigating how plants grow and reproduce and the impact humans are having on plant communities as well as how this links to climate change

As always it feels chaotic to start but I’m hoping for things to go well

This will require them to use their devices and look up a lot of information and make a lot of decisions about what information is reliable, applicable and correct for them to use

Last term on the last day students wrote on Padlet their answers to

Students learn best when teachers…

We then used a tournament prioritiser to make decisions and ran the things that were most important to them as a class

These were their ideas

This helped me formulate a goal for year 9’s in term 2

- review and provide opportunity to self/peer mark homework in class

Reflection - scaffolding vs time pressure

4/5 lessons went very well. Im really happy with how my year 9’s and 12’s are going and I’m putting lots of work in practical physics for my year 10’s as well as incorporating relevant world links and prior knowledge

However lesson 5 was my year 11’s and i dove too heavily into writing detailed methods for a practical chemistry investigation, I missed some scaffolding and as a result, a lot of students got confused. I stopped and showed some detail and answered questions with diagrams but this was less than ideal and at the end some students were still confused

What I could have done instead:
Done a practical on making stock dilutions and storing
Writing a basic method then improving
Then incorporating dilution into the detailed methid

Will know for next time

Student voice
Thinking ahead to term 2
Student survey
On Edmodo 9XA got to choose what kind of format they want next term, this got them to reflect on how they were getting their information in class and if this worked the best for them
9CC did the same but on Moodle instead. 
Each class had a different response with 9XA wanting to keep the 2 books format rather than another method. 9CC were wanting to change to 1 comprehensive booklet.

Shut The Front Door

Interesting, I hear some things others say and question them, I try and let it advise me to not become lax and always keep trying to do what’s best for my students learning

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